Kotlin Data Types

Kotlin is a statically typed language which means a type of a variable is known at compile time.

Kotlin Data Types

Defining Variable with Datatype

The basic syntax for specifying a variable with a data type

val variableName: DataType = value

Let's make a couple of examples with different data types

val myNumber: Int = 10               // Int
val myDoubleNumber: Double = 4.99    // Double
val myChar: Char = 'N'               // Char
val myBoolean: Boolean = false       // Boolean
val myStr: String = "Hello World"    // String

Let's make an another example

val myVar = 10

In this code, We didn't mention the data type of variable but it is compiled successfully. That's because Kotlin have feature  called Type Inference which means compiler can deduce type of expression at compile time.If you check following code you can see data type of our variable. We didn't specify any type but compiler knows type of it.

Note: You can use Kotlin Playground for prototyping

Basic Data Types in Kotlin

The following data types are  supported in Kotlin. (we will explain them all with different posts)

  • Numbers
  • Characters
  • Booleans
  • Arrays
  • Strings