Numeric Separators in JavaScript

In this post, we are going to learn about Numeric Separators in JavaScript and why it is useful.

Numeric Separators in JavaScript

Numeric separators enable us to make our numeric literals more readable by creating a visual separation between groups of digits. It is so useful especially working with large numbers. As you can see it's very hard to read.

const quantity = 100000000000;

Let's apply numeric separators to  quantity variable

const quantity = 100_000_000_000;

However, there are some limitations for numeric separators.

It cannot be used at the beginning and end of the number

const quantity =  1000_;

// its a valid variable name actually.

const quantity =  _1000;

Consecutive underscore is not allowed and  you can only put underscores between two digits.

const quantity =  10000__00;

const pi = 3_.141

const pi = 3._141

To check about browser support of numeric separators.