Best React Native UI Libraries in 2022

Best React Native UI Libraries in 2022

React Native allows you to create user interfaces with built-in declarative components like Picker, Button, Slider, Switch, etc. But with core components, we need to write our UI  components according to design.

But no need to reinvent the wheel most of the time, we can use components libraries in our app. but still, we need to be careful how we choose these libraries. UI kit should be well documented and tested, supported by the community, up to date with React Native. and it should be fit our design.

Let's take a look best, open-source and well-documented UI libraries.

1- React Native Paper

React Native Paper is well documented, high-quality, standard-compliant Material Design library. its support Android, iOS, and Web with react-native-web

React Native Paper was developed by Callstack which the company contributed to the React Native Community too much. you can also check their open source works.

Most of the components look same because of Material design guidelines. But there are a couple of components looking different. For example RadioButton component.

2. react-native-ui-lib

It was developed by the Wix. This library is highly configurable, you can define your Design system with it. or use it with default presets. It has all the components you will need.

3. UI Kitten

UI Kitten is a customizable React Native UI Library based on Eva Design System specifications, with 30+ UI components, 2 visual themes, and other supporting modules. it was developed by the Akveo team. you can download and test the demo app from stores. iOS, Android

4. React Native Elements

React Native Elements is one of the powerful libraries in the market. RNE provides agnostic UI across the platforms. RNE  is easy to customize and source code very clean for beginners. You can check more from the website

4.  NativeBase

NativeBase is one of the first UI kits developed for React Native. The first version was okayish. But V3 is a game-changer library.  NativeBase supports web beside native.  it is very customizable. They are also bringing visual tools to design.